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June 3, 2018

Why Am I Following Jesus?

"Why?" is an important question. "Why?" is a heart searching question. We do a lot of things in life, we make a lot of decisions in life, but there is something that stops us and makes us think when we ask the question "Why?"

We know we should follow Jesus, but have you ever asked why you are following Jesus? "Why?" gets at the motives for your following of Christ. What if our motives in following Jesus may not be as pure as we may have thought?

Confused yet? 

In this sermon, we are introduced to a man who 'believed' in Jesus but whose heart in following Jesus was exposed. This man displayed a heart more interested in the perks of Jesus than the person of Jesus.  

We will let God's Word expose our hearts and show us the motives that lie within for why we are following Jesus.


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