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February 11, 2018

While You Wait

Have you ever taken a 2-year-old with you while getting an oil change? You're hoping for one of those quick in and out oil changes the place promises. And then it isn't. So there you are in the waiting room with a 2-year-old waiting...and waiting...and waiting.

It is interesting to see how a 2-year-old waits. They crawl under chairs--put their face up to the window to watch the work going on in the garage, awkwardly stare at everyone else coming in and out of the waiting room. We typically wait much differently, but their waiting is more fun!

Jesus told his disciples to wait for the Spirit. He promised that when the Spirit came they would have power to be His witnesses here, near, and far. Then Jesus ascended. And there they were left in the quiet to wait. But the important takeaway from this week's passage was HOW they waited. This wasn't passive waiting but active waiting.

There is one driving takeaway from their active waiting. One thing that if we implement into seasons of waiting will change the way we wait and build trust in the waiting. What is this one thing and how do we live it out actively when God tells us to wait?


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