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July 16, 2017

Where Wisdom Starts

We’ve all walked away from a conversation with someone and went, “Now, that is a wise man/woman!” There was something about the spiritual depth in which they spoke. There was an ability they had to cut through the peripheral, surface things and get to the heart.  There was an evident godly wisdom to them that left us walking away praising the Lord for what they spoke into our life.

And we also walked away saying, “I want that for my life!”

We know the blessings of wisdom, but how do we get godly wisdom? How do we become people whose lives are built on the wisdom of God? In this sermon, we take a look at how we gain wisdom. But here’s the thing, what if we get wisdom not through the direct pursuit of wisdom, but actually by pursuing something else? What if through pursuing this key thing, we get wisdom as a byproduct? And what is this, then, that we should be pursuing?

Let’s study together how all of us can gain a heart of wisdom.