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July 7, 2019

When Trusting The LORD Is Hard

In this life, we will always come across opposition or obstacles. And most of the time we anticipate this. But what do you do when you find that your opposition or obstacle isn’t going away? Or the breakthrough you have been asking the LORD for doesn’t seem to come?

The scary reality is that when these times come, we sometimes can sense our trust in Jesus beginning to waver. And it must be noted that this is when Satan often moves in closer to whisper lies to us like, "God isn't there with you," "God doesn't care about you," or "God is holding out on you." 

Can you relate? We will open up God's Word together and look through the portals of time and see what previous generations of God's children did to experience unshakable trust in the LORD in the midst of unstable times in their lives.


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