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March 18, 2018

Uncommon Boldness

We saw in last week's passage the power of God work through Peter to heal a beggar who couldn't walk. This has naturally attracted a crowd. Peter uses the opportunity to tell everyone about Jesus. But on the periphery, there are some people who don't like what's happening. It's the same group who didn't like what Jesus was up to.

The religious authorities are going to interrupt the sermon this week, and Peter and John are going to jail. Their proclamation of Jesus is going to be met with strong opposition. Their proclamation of Jesus will cost them. Will they go on proclaiming even in the face of opposition?

It's easy to witness about Jesus when the message is accepted and people are grateful to hear it. It is much more difficult when the message is met with opposition, backlash, and even anger. How do we persevere in boldness to witness for Christ in the face of opposition? What does this boldness look like and what should we expect?


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