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December 31, 2017

Unapologetic Preaching

A few weeks ago I was in Chicago, and as I was walking down Michigan Avenue I would lift my head vertically in awe of the towering buildings overhead. Then I began to think, “I wonder what the foundation underground holding up these buildings looks like?” You cannot build something that high into the air without building a solid foundation deep into the ground.

No building can stand without a firm foundation, and no church will stand without some core biblical pillars it is built on. Our church is built on 4 Pillars taken right from the word of God. Don’t miss the next 4 Sundays as we unpack each of these 4 Pillars and study together why Harvest is all about each of these Pillars.

This Sunday, we start with our Unapologetic Preaching Pillar. What does it mean for us to be a church built on Unapologetic Preaching? How does Unapologetic Preaching change lives? And how do we make sure we never waver from this commitment?