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September 23, 2018

Truth Seekers and Jesus

Sharing the gospel will elicit different responses from different people. 

There is the "This is Awkward, Change the Subject Guy" who will just quickly look to talk about anything except spiritual things. 

There is the "I Just Want to Pick a Fight Guy" who, by just your mentioning of Jesus, will want to get into an intellectual wrestling match of name calling. 

But then there are the refreshing reactions of "I Just Want to Know the Truth" people. These people listen to understand. They ask questions to clarify. You see the wheels turning in their brain and the Spirit pulling on their heart.

In this passage, we come across "I Just Want to Know the Truth" people as we make our way with Paul and Silas to a new city. Through our study of these people, we are going to learn three things truth seekers do when confronted with the message of Christ.  

Got any people in your life who are wrestling with whether to follow Christ? Anyone who is doubting their faith? Want to know how to witness to those people who seem to keep asking hard questions that you don't always know how to answer? Let's wrestle through these things together.


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