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January 28, 2018

The Waiting Game

Have you ever taken an assessment of your life and asked the question, "Is this really what Jesus had in mind when He invited me to come follow Him?" Have you ever read the book of Acts and thought, "Does my life and does my church reflect the kind of power I see manifest in these early Jesus followers?"

But let's not forget something. They weren't exceptional people. In fact, they were no different from you and me. They were plagued with all the sin and shortcomings that you and I face. So what's the secret to the powerful work we see in the Book of Acts? Here it is: The book of Acts is simply the work of Jesus continued through His Spirit in His people! The people of the first church were a people consumed, compelled, and propelled by the Spirit of God.

And so we turn to our study in Acts this Sunday and ask the question, "What if the Spirit of God delights to overwhelm the people of God in the same way today? What if what we saw God do then is possible here and now? And how do we experience this kind of vibrant walk with Jesus in our own lives today? This week, we begin one of the most exciting sermon series journeys to date, a journey through the Acts of the Apostles.


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