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February 10, 2019

The Unconditional Love of God

Ever needed a wake up call? Not a phone ringing in a hotel room to wake you up, but a wake up call in your life. Maybe you had been disengaged and going through the motions and God brought something about to wake you up. Maybe you had drifted into a dry desert in your faith and the Lord in His grace opened your eyes again to His great love for you.

Our study in Malachi will lay out 6 wake up calls to revive our faith. If you find yourself having lost the fire of your faith. If you find yourself in a dry season. If you find yourself going through the external motions of the Christian life with an internal heart posture that seems disconnected... this is a series that will revive your walk.

Let our faith be revived this week as we remember the unconditional love of God.


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