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February 25, 2018

The Savior Every Heart Longs For

120 Jesus followers gathered following the days of Jesus' ascension. Then one day the Spirit came. This Spirit empowered the proclamation of Jesus. Peter preached, 3,000 got saved, and it was evident that the Holy Spirit would in fact be the power the church would need for the supernatural spread of the Jesus message.

What did Peter say to the crowd that had gathered on Pentecost? What is the message he gave to the people then that is the crucial message for every heart now? What is the right response to hearing of Jesus, and have I responded to Jesus the way God calls me to?

Come watch as the church grows by 26 times after one Spirit-empowered sermon that Peter preached on Pentecost. Come with unbelievers who need to hear of a Savior who has come to save them.


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