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May 21, 2017

The Priority of people

Imagine the Apostle Paul standing before Jesus, and Jesus asking him to point to the greatest accomplishment in his life. Imagine all the ways Paul could answer:

The missionary journeys he could point to.
Some extremely productive sermon he preached.
A visit to a city that brought many to the Lord.
A resume of accomplishments with his life.

And yet, in the passage this week, Paul tells us what his crowning accomplishment before Jesus is…It's people. What if our greatest joy in life will come not from ultimately pouring into projects and products, but what if it will come from pouring into people? And how do we become someone who makes the people in our lives one of our greatest priorities? This week we will see 3 principles from 1 Thessalonians of what our lives will look like when we make people one of our greatest priorities.