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April 23, 2017

The Power of Hope

Hope is a powerful force.  When you hear the stories of someone fighting for survival, what often keeps them alive and moving forward is a finish line of hope.  They hope to see their family again.  They hope to be able to hug their wife and hold their kids. When there is a finish line of hope, we will endure much to taste the goodness of that finish line because the hope of the future outweighs the troubles of the present. This week we begin a letter of hope.  This is a warm letter from Paul to Christians in a city called Thessalonica.  These Jesus followers are joyfully enduring much because of a coming hope they are confident in.  Do you need some hope in life?  Need to know that the hope of the future outweighs the weight of the present?  Join us for the next 12 weeks as together we go on a journey of hope!  You are loved.