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September 17, 2017

The Joy of Gospel-Advancing Sacrifice

We all sacrifice. To sacrifice is to give up something of value for another thing we deem of greater value. A parent joyfully sacrifices some things for their children. Someone seeking an accomplishment in life, gladly sacrifices some things on the journey toward that accomplishment.

The question is not whether we sacrifice, the question is what will we sacrifice for? And the question that will confront us is this: "What would I gladly sacrifice if it meant the gospel would advance to lost people?"

What if we could have joy in any circumstance that confronts us knowing that every circumstance life brings is merely an opportunity to show and tell the gospel? And what if the joy of the gospel going forth began to outweigh the pain of difficult circumstances.

We study 7 verses together that will teach us how to live in such a way that no matter the cost, our joy can advance when the gospel advances.