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April 29, 2018

The Costly Cause of Christ

Following Jesus is the most joy-giving, purpose-defining, heart captivating reality we can ever know. We were created to follow Jesus. We were made for the glory of the Father through knowing the Son.  

Following Jesus will at times be a costly commitment, though. In fact, Jesus Himself told people to count the cost before following Him. The cause of Christ will always lead to a cost for Christ. This week, we will watch the apostles pay a price for their devotion to Jesus. And it makes sense -- The Kingdom is growing, multitudes are coming to know Jesus, the church is bearing fruit. Anytime these things are happening, expect opposition.

The key to this week is seeing how the apostles respond to the evil inflicted on them. Do they leave with their heads hung low, licking their wounds, and playing the victim card? Or do they leave with arms raised high in praise, rejoicing that the Lord would count them worthy to suffer like Christ? And if their response is the latter, what's the secret to us responding to the costly cause of Christ in the same way?


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