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November 5, 2017

Shredding Spiritual Resumes

A guy walks into a job interview with a piece of paper in his hand. It is pretty short, just one sided, but on it is information that will be a critical part in either helping him or hindering him from getting the job. We call it a resume. Resumes are really important professionally.

Resumes, though, can be extremely dangerous spiritually.

When we live trying to compile a resume of our goodness that we hope to pull out before God one day and use as a tool to prove that we are right with Him, we miss the boat of the gospel. Tim Keller says, "Some of us rebel against God by being exceptionally bad, others of us rebel against God by being exceptionally good."

This week's message is for really good people. Really morally upright people. Model citizens. People who if you tell them, "You need to be forgiven" would reply with "for what?" Some of us in our desire to work hard to be right with God, may be missing the Only One we must know to truly be made right with God.