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April 15, 2018

Selfish Generosity

Have you ever given something away and thought to yourself,

“Yeah, that was pretty awesome... I'm really generous... I hope someone acknowledges me for that.”? 

Let’s face it, if we are honest, we have all been there. It is safe to say that this is normal. Interestingly, last week, as we studied God’s Word, we learned that God is inviting us to step into a life of joyful, radical generosity. A generosity that is motivated by the gospel. The believers were in such unity that no one considered his belongings to be his own, but rather he was merely a steward of God’s resources. Inevitably, this created a warm and joyful time in the life of the church.

This week however, we are introduced to a married couple that brought about a massive shift in the church’s narrative, causing the scene to become dreadfully dark, dreary, and dangerous. The reason… “Selfish Generosity."


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