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April 8, 2018

Radical Generosity

It isn't normal or natural for people to give up things they do have for people who don't have. Something at our very core whispers to us to accumulate money and things for our own prestige, security, or comfort. Anytime you see someone joyfully sacrifice what they do have to meet the needs of others, you know there is a greater force at work in their life.

In this week's message, we will watch the community of Jesus followers radically sacrificing what they have to meet the needs of others who don't have. And they aren't doing this because Peter got up and preached a message telling them that they should. They did this out of an overflow of love and joy for one another.  

Jesus invites us into the joy of a radically generous life. We study what this could look like for us, and talk specifically of the exciting season ahead for our church and how this will call each of us to joyfully, radically sacrifice.


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