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December 3, 2017

Peaceful Satisfaction

We are naturally discontent. We have all walked down the road of seeking to find contentment in stuff, seasons, and circumstances only to find what we hoped would deliver deep contentment has left us totally discontent.

I'm discontent with my job… discontent that I don't have a job… discontent and wanting to retire from my job… discontent now that I did retire from my job.

I'm discontent that I'm not married…discontent in my marriage… discontent and honestly would rather not be married.

I'm discontent about that season from the past being done… discontent over the season I'm currently in… discontent longing for the next season that is ahead.

Contentment can be had in a deeply discontent world, and there is good news for us that four verses this Sunday are going to tell us how. All of us are yearning for the peaceful satisfaction that is contentment, and this Sunday we talk about how we get it.