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August 26, 2018

How We Stay United

This week we study a church meeting. Sounds riveting right? Except this is probably the most important meeting in the history of the church.  

There were two types of Christians in the early church, those Christians that came from a Jewish background and those that came from a Gentile background. These were groups of people from very different walks of life. As more and more Gentiles became Christians, a big topic of conversation was how they fit into the family of God. Could they become Christians without becoming Jews? Could they truly be saved without taking part in circumcision and adhering to the Law?

These types of questions led to a really important meeting called the Jerusalem Council, in which the church walks out with a clear plan, a unified body, and no distinction between Jew and Gentile.

What were the convictions and commitments that were made between Jew and Gentile? And how can we continue these convictions and commitments to forever stay unified as a church?


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