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August 27, 2017

How to Honor God With His Money

Money is powerful. It’s a topic the Bible brings up over and over again because it seems as if God knows our hearts will want money to wrestle 1st place away from Him. God is so passionate about this topic that in his wisdom book, Proverbs, he mentions money in some way more than 46 times!

God wants us to know some things about how we honor him with our money. How do we keep from believing that it is ours in the first place? How do we fight the urge to make it a god instead of seeing it as God’s and an instrument used to honor God?

God in his wisdom gives us clear principles to direct what we believe about our money and how we use this money. Through this message we will all pursue financial freedom in what we believe about our money, how we use our money, and most importantly, how God is honored through our money.