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September 8, 2019

Grow And You'll Know

When we were young, it was much easier to know that we know things. The confidence that comes from simple knowledge is undeniable. As a child, you didn’t say, “I think my daddy is a doctor.” You were confident, “My daddy is a doctor.” But as we age, it’s much harder to have that same confidence. We move from “I know I know.” to “I think I know.” to simply, “I think.” This happens as our world gets more complex and the explanations get harder to understand. And, unfortunately, this also happens with our faith.

I know that I know God. I think that I know God. I think about God.

This week as we continue our study in 1 John, we’re going to look at the marks of a true believer. What should be true of all of us, if we are truly in Jesus Christ? And most importantly, we’ll answer the question: How can you know that you know God?


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