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June 4, 2017

God's Will for Your Life!

Is it God's will for me to go to that college? Is it God's will for me to marry that person? Is it the will of God for me to make that career change? One of the leading questions for Christians centers around the will of God for our lives. We pray for clarity for it. We sometimes do funny things looking for "signs" of it. It can paralyze us from doing anything for fear that we are doing something outside the will of God. But what if there are passages of scripture that tell us flat out what God's will for our life is, how we pursue it, and why we should pursue it? What if God's word is that clear about? Good news: It is! And this week's passage is one of those "God's will clarifying" passages. But what if God's will is way different than we often think about it? Let's study this together.