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February 4, 2018

God's Plan, God's Power, and Me

Have you ever been invited to join something that you couldn't believe you got the privilege to be a part of? Maybe it was a team you were invited on to? Or a special project at work you were called to run point on? Maybe you were selected for a job you never expected you would have? At one time or another we all have probably paused and pinched ourselves over the privilege of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

As God's people, we are God's plan to make disciples and spread his glory across the globe. We get the unbelievable privilege of being sent by God to witness about the Son of God who changes lives for the glory of God. And the best part? God has literally promised to send His Spirit to power this mission he has called us to!

This Sunday, we unpack God's plan to use God's people with God's power to build God's Kingdom for God's glory. Do you understand that you are part of God's Kingdom building plan? Do you understand the privilege we have been given to witness about Jesus near and far? Do you understand the power He has promised us in His Spirit to carry this out?

We are part of God's plan and we are promised God's power. 


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