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May 12, 2019

For the Good of the Body

We love to watch when multiple people work together to accomplish something great. We watch teams, orchestras, choirs, and plays where every individual is doing their part, using their gifts, and fulfilling their role to be a piece of something much bigger than themselves.

The church is the most beautiful picture on the face of the earth in this regard. Each person in the church has gifts and roles given to them that must be used for the good of the whole. And what makes this more amazing than a sport or choir or orchestra or play? Each of our roles is given to us directly by the Spirit of God AND it means we get a role in building up the church which is taking the gospel to the ends of the earth to the glory of God. What could be more exciting to be a part of?

A healthy walk in Christ is one in which we are using the gifts given to us by God. This week, we look at the vital sign of spiritual gifts and ask: Do I know my gifts? Am I using my gifts? Have I experienced the joy and fulfillment of playing my part so that the church as a whole can thrive?


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