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May 20, 2018

First Degree Murder

This week in our study of the Book of Acts, a Jesus follower will be murdered. That is harsh and direct, but it's true. It is what happened.  

Why was he murdered? For his faith.

We turn our attention to the first martyr of the church. Literally, this man pays the greatest earthly cost he could possibly pay because of his allegiance to Christ. He is willing to die for the one who died for him.

There are three questions we need answers to this week as we look at someone who suffered the ultimate suffering because of their faith in Christ:

1) Where was God in this? 
2) What is God doing through this? 
3) How does Stephen remain tender-hearted toward God and others in spite of this?

The answer to these three questions may be answers we need for times of hardship and tragedy in our own life one day. Don't miss the important lessons to be learned from the church's first martyr.


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