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November 18, 2018

Faith On Trial

Follow Christ long enough and you will stumble into situations and circumstances in which you feel like your faith is on trial. Maybe it's an intellectual or academic setting where you feel all eyes are on you to defend why you believe Jesus is the Son of God. Maybe it's a conversation that turns to morals and ethics and you can feel the group wanting to know why you hold to such "antiquated ideas." Follow Jesus long enough and you will find your faith on trial.

The next five chapters of the book of Acts are five defense speeches Paul gives with his faith on trial. We are going to zoom out and look at parts of all five of Paul's defense speeches and as we do, we are going to find Five Powerful Principles We Must Boldly Hold To When Our Faith is On Trial.

This message will equip us for those conversations that feel like we have been put on the spot and we must have an answer for the hope we have in Christ.


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