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November 11, 2018

Decisions, The Spirit, and Well-Intentioned Counsel

Not all counsel is good counsel. Sometimes even those who love us most don't give us the best advice. We should always seek counsel from fellow believers and wise people in our life, but we need to develop the ability to test and filter the responses we receive.

In this week's passage, we watch as Paul continues his focused journey to Jerusalem, even after fellow Christians beg him not to go. Why doesn't he listen to their counsel on this? Why does he press on to Jerusalem when brothers and sisters in two different cities plead with him not to? 

Was this stubborn persistence on Paul's part in resisting his friend's advice, or was this firm resolve knowing what God had called him to? This passage will lead us to an important discussion on testing and discerning when the counsel we get is the right counsel from God!


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