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October 14, 2018

A House God Can Use

If you asked someone who was familiar with the Bible to list the key players of the book of Acts, the list might go something like this, "Paul...Peter...Barnabas...Timothy...Silas..." And they would be absolutely right in listing these names.

But this week we stumble across two people who would probably never make the "Who's Who List" of the book of Acts and yet have a profound impact on the early church. These two people are a husband and wife who we are introduced to for the first time in Acts 18, and then show up quietly throughout the rest of the New Testament.

In this sermon, we are going to learn what it looks like to have a quietly mighty Kingdom impact from this couple. And as we look at this, I believe we are going to be surprised by the 2 simple mottos that made this couple so effective in the hands of God... mottos every single one of us can live by as well.

Who is this couple? What did they do that made them so useful to the Lord? What can we learn from their lives so we can have a quiet yet powerful Kingdom impact as well?


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